Please click on the links below to access each policy. Please contact the school if the policy you need is not listed below.

Accessibility Policy (including plan)
Admissions Policy 2021-22

(Applications from Overseas Children)

Anti Bullying Policy
Improving Pupil Attendance and Punctuality Policy
Behaviour and Relationships Policy (including Exclusions)
COVID-19 Response – Behaviour and Relationships Addendum Summer Term 2020
Charging and Remissions Policy
Complaints Policy
Equality Policy (including Objectives)
Equality for Pupils Policy
EYFS Policy (including mobile phone usage)
E-Safety and Acceptable Use Policy
Health & Safety at Work
Home School Agreement Primary
Prevention of Extremism and Radicalisation Policy
Safeguarding and Child Protection
Safeguarding Policy Addenndum: COVID-19
Operation Encompass Letter to Parents
SEND Policy
Sex and Relationships Education Policy
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions
Teaching and Learning Policy
Guidance for Staff on the use of Photographs and Videos of Pupils
Whistle Blowing Policy