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Werneth Primary School

Pupil responsibilities

School Council

Giving our children responsibilities and opportunities to make a positive contribution to our school community plays an important role in the development of children's leadership skills at Werneth Primary School.

The Children's Leadership Team (School Council and Eco Council) works closely with our children and the senior leadership team to help improve our school.

The School Council

In previous years, our School Council has been extremely active and has been involved in various projects such as developing our Behaviour Expectations, raising the expectations of good attendance, designing our competitive sports kit, delivering assemblies on E-Safety and Keeping Safe, raising money for various charities with sponsored events and surveying the children to get feedback and ideas for further improvements.

More recently, the School Council worked with Mrs Chandler to support local, national and international charities and to contribute to the development and implementation of our Behaviour Policy. 

The School Council is usually made up of representatives from Year 2-Year 6 that have been voted for by their peers. Each year, we hold a campaign week whereby the children write their manifestos and present them to their class. At the end of the week, each class holds a secret ballot and the winning candidates are announced during assembly.


The Eco Council

Since being re-established in September, 2021, the Eco Council have been working with Mrs Lang on an audit of Werneth Primary School to see how eco friendly we are.

The children are using the findings of this audit to implement their action plan, so that our staff, children and school community make choices that are better for the planet and for our health. 










Reading Buddies

Year 5 Reading Buddies meet their Year 2 reading partners every week to offer additional opportunities to share a book, to read aloud and talk about the story.

Our Year 5 children provide a role-model for younger children and help to create positive reading habits and develop a love of reading among our younger learners.

Keep checking https://twitter.com/WernethPS to learn more about how the Children's Leadership Team are working together to improve our school and school community.