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Werneth Primary School

Why Join Us?

Why Join Us?

What we do...  

  • We provide a pioneering, progressive curriculum, consistently delivered by skilled practitioners, that underpins children’s knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding.
  1. We prioritise high attainment levels for every pupil, regardless of their starting point, by putting accelerated progress at the heart of every lesson, every day.
  2. We broaden pupils’ vocabulary, communication skills and cultural capital so they can engage with and make a meaningful contribution to society.
  3. We empower staff to overcome any barriers to learning that a child may face.
  4. We treat parents as partners in our community so that they can be actively involved in their child’s learning and development.
  5. We educate the whole child through sporting, cultural and creative opportunities that encourage core characteristics and skills which will allow them to flourish now and in later life.
  6. We harness the school’s heritage as an established part of our local community to be a hub that people are proud of and actively participate in.

What our children say about Werneth Primary School...

I like learning about different and fun things 

Staff take care of me

Fun lessons and awesome trips 

I like learning about different and fun things 

I like how everyone respects each others religion

What our parents and carers say about Werneth Primary School...

A brilliant school. Always helpful. Progress at the school has been brilliant. Would recommend to anyone wanting to send their child there.    

A brilliant school with great support. Would recommend to anybody wanting to send their child here.

The school is very good. My children are very happy in the school.

Really happy with the teaching at school. Thank you for all the effort put in by staff.

Really pleased with my son’s progress. Staff are so friendly. 100% would recommend the school. Thank you!

Please see the information below for full details of our most recent parent/carer survey.

parent survey results november 2022.pdf


Werneth Primary School children get higher priority to attend Hathershaw College (high school). The is because both Werneth Primary School and Hathershaw College are part of The Pinnacle Learning Trust.

Werneth Primary School children get higher priority for a place than children at other Oldham Primary Schools and higher priority than children that already have a sibling at Hathershaw. This means that Werneth Primary School can enjoy a Pinnacle Learning Trust education from 3-16 years of age.