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Werneth Primary School

Our Vision

At Werneth Primary School, our core values to shape our curriculum and school community. 

At Werneth Primary School, we

Care- Aspire- Persevere 

At Werneth Primary School, our vision is for

A caring school community, where children show care for themselves and all other children, staff and the wider community; where staff embody our school values; and parents are treated as partners.

An aspirational school community, where children, staff and families have the highest expectations for themselves and others; where children develop the knowledge and cultural capital to succeed in later life; where children set personal goals and achieve personal bests.

A perseverant school community, where children develop the personal and academic skills to overcome barriers and can respond to setbacks; where children’s confidence and talents flourish; where children embrace challenges and continue to thrive in school and day-to-day life.

Our mission is to fulfil a pledge to all pupils, staff and parents to:

  • Create an inclusive, nurturing environment where children are safe, happy and able to thrive personally and academically.
  • Provide a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum that is designed and adapted to meet the needs of Werneth Primary School learners so that our children develop the knowledge, vocabulary and conceptual understanding needed to succeed in school and later life.
  • Support children to become successful learners by placing reading and language acquisition and development at the heart of our curriculum and providing children with opportunities to develop their knowledge across all areas of the curriculum.
  • Support children’s personal development- through our curriculum, the Werneth Pledge and a range of experiences, trips, visitors and extra-curricular opportunities- in order to develop the whole child and so that Werneth Primary School children make a meaningful contribution to society.
  • Ensure that staff are well-trained and empowered to overcome barriers to learning that children might face and support children to achieve the best outcomes.
  • Treat parents and carers as partners in our community so that parents and carers can be actively involved in their child’s learning and development.
  • Be a community asset/hub that actively supports our families and wider community and provides a network of support so that our school community and local community are cared for and nurtured as part of the Werneth Primary School community.

Every child achieving, every day