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Werneth Primary School

Early Years Foundation

Early Years Foundation

In the Foundation Stage we follow the EYFS (Early Years and Foundation Stage) curriculum, encouraging the children to be active and independent learners.

We firmly believe in providing our children with a range of real life experiences through educational visits and visitors in school, child focused as well as adult led activities, along with carefully planned and well-resourced continuous provision to ensure that our children develop the essential skills needed to build a firm foundation for their future learning. We follow the Letters and Sounds programme for phonics at Werneth Primary School.

"All aspects of early years provision are good. Children learn in stimulating indoor and outdoor learning and play areas. They have access to a rich variety of resources and materials." Ofsted 2019


Our nursery is a large bright open room which is shared with Reception children. Pupils have access to a sensory room and the quiet reception if needed. Children always have access to water, sand, painting, craft, role play, and writing and maths areas.


In Reception, pupils work in three key worker groups and have three group times a day where they learn their phonics, maths and book work. They spend lots of time working hard in their independent learning time.

How can you help your child get ready for Reception?

  • Talk to your child about Reception and how much fun they will have
  • Make sure your child can open their lunchbox themselves or use cutlery confidently
  • Practise getting undressed and dressed again
  • Help your child practise writing and recognising their name
  • Share books with your child – why not visit the library to find books about school?
  • Label all your child’s belongings with their name

"Staff know children well and have a good understanding of children’s different skills and abilities. The very strong bonds that staff have with children, and their good links with families, help to ensure that children make strong progress in the different areas of learning." Ofsted 2019