Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


Class Teacher: Mr Woodyet
Teaching Assistant: Miss Singleton
Teaching Assistant: Miss A Mahmood


Class Teacher: Mrs Beeley
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Chauhan


Please note that 4A and 4B alternate the subjects taught in the afternoon.

Chilli Challenge Homework

Each half term the children will receive their Chilli Challenge Homework. They should complete at least three pieces over the half-term. Please remember to read and use TTRockstars daily.

Supporting Your Child in Maths

To support your child’s learning, we have attached the way we layout our Maths calculations. This is how we expect your child to set out their calculations when completing Maths Homework. Throughout the year, we will add more images to show how the children are being taught in the classroom.

Maths Calculation Layouts


By the end of Year 4, the children should be able to spell all 104 National Curriculum spellings. We have attached a list of those Spellings below. Each week the children will also receive weekly spellings to learn which they will be tested on every Thursday afternoon. To make spelling fun, the year 4 children have also been given a Spelling Menu to help learn their spellings in a variety of ways.

Spelling List
Spelling Menu

Spring Half-Term 2: 1066

Curriculum Newsletter
Knowledge Organiser
Chilli Challenge

Spring Half-Term 1: Playlist

Curriculum Newsletter
Knowledge Organiser
Chilli Challenge

Autumn Half-Term 2: I am Warrior

Curriculum Newsletter
Knowledge Organiser
Chilli Challenge